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The Shame Project is back

Being human means so many things. We should admit that we’re a pretty privileged species to be gifted with cognitive abilities that allow us to do incredible things. However, alongside with that intelligence also comes an immense complexity of thoughts and emotions that can be overwhelming for us to process and understand. This brings forward… Continue reading The Shame Project is back

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Why clean water transforms lives

Have you ever thought of water as a privilege? We have access to clean water whenever we want, all we have to do is turn on the tap. Have you ever considered how often you flush the toilet in a day? Or how much water must have been needed to produce the food you are… Continue reading Why clean water transforms lives

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What comes next after I complete my undergraduate studies

It’s that time of the year when Master open days take place in Nederlands.. You might be wondering, isn’t it a bit too early for a 3rd year,who has just recently started her last  year, to be looking for a graduate study? Well, I would say the earlier you start doing your research, the more… Continue reading What comes next after I complete my undergraduate studies