Hi guys!

I would hereby like to introduce you to the UCG Journal Committee /SLASH/. As the chair (a.k.a. editor) I get to boss around our members: Roos R as Secretary and fellow editor, Desi as Treasurer, Emmi as our UCSRN contact and Jacky as our regular member. Our aim is to publish one edition of /SLASH/ every block, which comes down to 4 issues a year. These issues hence not only contain the academic stuff such as essays, but we try to include fun things as well. These include submitted pieces such as poems or movie reviews by our UCG community members, the comic strip by Emmi, or demanding interviews with the staff. For now, we publish our issues online, to keep up with the current age of internet and of course for the aspect of sustainability. Most importantly, we look forward to more submissions and more input form you guys in the coming years! And of course, if you feel drawn to this committee, love writing or just collecting information: join our wonderful committee next year!

See you soon!


The Sleeping Lasagnas

May I introduce to you; The Sleeping Lasagnas! We, Carlijn, Dora, Emmi, and Hanne, are the cooking committee of University College Groningen, the committee which does nothing else than talking and dreaming about food! Every three weeks, we organize a community dinner for all the students of Caerus, our study association. It is a fantastic moment to enjoy food while talking with other UCG’ers. Moreover, we cook for special events, such as organizing an Easter brunch, and we will also cook on the introduction camp for the Class of 2019! We of course hope that we will be a committee with more members, more sleeping lasagnas, next year. So if you will be a student of the Class of 2019 and dream as much about food as we do come join us and become the next sleeping lasagna!

PS: Our name is inspired by the very first community dinner at UCG. The cooking committee prepared lasagna the evening before the dinner and placed it in the fridge overnight. To make sure that they were not taken by students or staff, the cooking committee placed a post-it note on the fridge saying: ‘Don’t wake the sleeping lasagnas’. From then on the cooking committee was called “the Sleeping Lasagnas”.



Dear Readers,

The Study Association of the UCG is still very young. This means that all the members still have a big say in what the association is going to look like. Two of my fellow Health and Life Sciences majors and I felt that the association needed a new committee that was medicine and health related. Ruby Kemna, Bengt Snijders and I, Josephine Strijker, started with setting up the MediCo. We have great plans to organize many activities for all the Caerus members, but right now we are still very much in a starting up phase.

For us to know what we are doing, we are meeting many people that can help us. In Groningen there are multiple study associations for medical/health related studies. We have met some people who are active in these associations and we talked about what they can mean for us and what we can mean for them. They have given us some tips for the organisation of any future events. We are now busy with organizing our first event: ‘Dr. House evening’. We will watch an episode of House and talk with each other and a specialist about what is happening and how realistic it is.

It is really great to be part of a committee at Caerus. Mainly because we are still in our start up phase as an association and we are building it!




Caerus – Social Committee

Hi there!

In the upcoming weeks, the different committees of the study association will be introduced to you. So to start of: the Social Committee!

The Social Committee of the Study Association is there to make sure that next to studying each and every student can relax every now and then, since we believe some relaxation is just as important as studying intensely to get the best results. Because some will relax by drinking a beer and chatting with other students, and others relax by doing sports, we organize a broad range of activities. Activities we have organized so far are for example Halloween drinks and a Thanksgiving dinner, but also a court soccer tournament and a trip to Schiermonnikoog. Currently we are working on a murdergame (Those who are going to join won’t be safe in the city of Groningen, watch out!) and in May we are organizing a hitchhiking competition. In this way, we try to organize something for everyone!


Our committee consists of 5 people: Cairo – Tamara – Iris (treasurer) – Roos (secretary) – Tjitske (chair). Together we try and make everyone feel included in our own little “community”.  (Oh, and by the way. We’re definitely the most fun committee of the study association. So, you know. Join us next year!)


See you soon!


Meet Chris!

Last week, Chris(topher) asked me if I could help him with figuring out the tricks and specialties of his new camera. As I really enjoy photography myself (and because Chris bought the exact same camera as I have) I was obviously fine with doing so. But, next to helping him we chatted and I thought it would be really nice for you to meet him as well!

Chris is partly Canadian, partly Spanish and partly Japanese and he identifies himself most with whatever nationality suits best in a given situation (when it comes to playing ice hockey, he is definitely Canadian). At UCG he’s a second year student, following the PPE major and he is the treasurer of the study association.

After he apologized for the mess in his room, I was allowed to take some pictures. Recently UpdatedRecently Updated1

The first thing I mentioned when I entered Chris’ room was his guitar. Talking about music I already notice that we are completely different people. Whether it is his guitar or the piano, Chris can quite easily play anything by ear, yet he cannot read notes. Contrarily, I am very bad at playing by ear. yet I can play many things when I have sheet music in front of me.

Another remarkable thing I found in his room, was the watercolor on his carpet. As I asked him about it, he tells me about an old fisherman he once met while he was on a summer camp in Canada. The fisherman was fishing and paining and Chris decided to join him. A couple of weeks ago he started missing the outdoor life and he decided to buy the watercolor to be able to express himself through those paintings, just like the old fisherman once did.

We continue to talk about escaping life every now and then, whether it is by paining, photography or music, but we also talk about things as the business Chris is planning to start up (of which I unfortunately cannot tell you any details yet) and our plans for an exchange next semester. Finally we just sit and enjoy the view of his room. Which is, that needs to be said, astonishing.

Chris, thanks a lot!

Next week I will introduce another student. Stay tuned!




David Bowie is… in Groningen!

Bowie 1


Since recently, I see two things when I open the curtains in my room at the Frascati Student Housing: the rising sun – the end of winter time is finally approaching! – and thick, black letters on a orange surface: David Bowie is. My room is just opposite the Groninger Museum, the most visited museum in the city of Groningen. This winter and spring, it hosts the famous exhibition David Bowie is. With more than 300 objects from David Bowie’s personal archives, it is a very unique exposition. So when a good friend of mine asked me if I was interested in going to the exhibition together, I did not hesitate: of course!

Bowie (2)

Good morning, sunny Groningen!



I’ll be honest with you: I knew very, very little about David Bowie before I visited the museum. I experienced that this was no problem at all: even though it was basically my first introduction to Bowie’s life and work, it was a fascinating exposition. And I am sure that this applies to his most hardcore fans too. Like its subject, the exhibition is not one of a kind. It is a true experience. All highlights of Bowie’s career are to be found, including handwritten lyrics, photographs, album designs, lots of rare material, and his characteristic costumes. Also, you get a headphone at the start of the exhibition, through which you can hear the videos and music that are being played. There is such wide variety of objects, that you are hardly able to take it all in.


A selection of the diverse collection. Source: Groninger Museum

 It is thus hardly surprising that David Bowie is… welcomed its 100,000th visitor in Groningen this week. Make sure that you buy your tickets online before you go, otherwise the tickets might be sold out for the day! There are different timeslots to spread the amount of visitors – although it is still a bit crowded – , so reserve your favourite timeslot in time.

If you have the opportunity to visit Groningen, do not miss this exhibition!


Practical information

Ticket sale: http://www.groningermuseum.nl/en/David-Bowie-is-tickets

You might get a discount as a (highschool) student, so look into the different tickets!

The exhibition has been extended until Sunday, 10 April 2016.

Groningen’s best coffee spots

It’s Friday morning and the weekend is just right around the corner. In desperate need for a shot of caffeine my thoughts wander trough the city of Groningen, thinking about the best coffee places in town.
To make sure that you will just get your coffee before you come to this point, I’ve listed several coffee spots all around the city center and no more than a 5 minute bike ride from the UCG faculty.

Anat is a vegan coffee place near the Noorderplantsoen (YES! even their chocolate pie is vegan). This spot has a nice, relaxing view and a homely atmosphere.

Pernikkel is always a nice place to go: whether it is for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They serve different dishes every week depending on the supply of the moment and bake/cook everything themselves. Also, they have a “pie of the day”, so who are you not to enjoy that unique pie with a good coffee😉 .


image source

Toet “the dessert paradise” – if you are here, it actually feels like your in pie heaven. Next to your coffee you can enjoy several pies and desserts alongside.


image source

Simon Levelt is a coffee bar close to the University Library and they serve coffees to go for only 1.50 euros before 09.30 (so that’s an extra motivation to get up early and go to the UB!).

Fullscreen capture 26022016 200047.bmp

image source

Last but not least, Wadapartja is a nice and cozy vintage coffee place with a store attached to it. They serve nice coffee and home made pies and soups.
Fun fact: Wadapartja is apparently a degeneration of wat apart ja, which more or less means “so strange, right”.

Fullscreen capture 26022016 200618.bmp

image source

Of course there are many more coffee spots in Groningen and I feel like each day I find another cafe that makes me curious. If you have ever visited Groningen: which one was your favorite and where should I definitely go?

Next time I will take you on a restaurants on a student budget tour!




A Week in the Life of Dora

Hello Reader,

Exams have passed and the new block has arrived. After a week of watching Netflix, sleeping, and reading books, it was time for me to wake up and go back to class.

Monday morning started with Human Body: Structure and Function where we discussed the skeletal, muscle, and digestive system. After trying to figure out what the duodenum was (the part that connects your stomach to your intestines) I spent the rest of the afternoon at the University Library (UB) preparing for other lectures and printing important stuff. 2 hours later I was completely fed up with studying so I went home, ate dinner, and spent time watching the Harry Potter movies for the 5th(?) time, while of course glancing at the reading I needed to do for Tuesday.

Tuesday I only have class in the afternoon, so I slept till 13:00. I then had Journal Club, a class where we discuss medical and biological journals in a group of 9 students. Then, later in the afternoon it was time for my first lecture at the Academy Building, which is a scary building. But, I conquered by fears of the huge building, stepped inside, and struggled to find my lecture hall. Clinical Neuropsychology is a 3rd year course, so I felt like a fish out of water, but the lecturer was great and I immediately felt more comfortable in the sea of people.

Wednesday I had to wake up extremely early (7:30!) for a meeting. And after one meeting, I had another meeting. Then it was time for more human body systems. Skin, cardiovascular, immune, and the endocrine system.  Halfway during class I realized that I should probably sleep more because I had only slept 5 hours and was already yawning at 11 o’ clock in the morning.  After class I met up with my project group and we divided tasks and after discussing deadlines (3 within the next 2 weeks) we packed up to work on our tasks at home. I went to the UB, because there is no way I would work on my part without falling asleep in my bed. The UB was quiet, but then again, the UB is generally busy when people need to study for exams. After sitting at the UB and rewriting my text for the second time I decided it was time to go home and take a nap before eating dinner, studying some more, and going to bed.

Thursday I forced myself to wake up early because I don’t have a normal sleep schedule and it would be so much better if I went to bed on time and woke up early. I am definitely not a morning person, but I got dressed, walked to UCG, and started working on making a list of all the master programmes at the University of Groningen. After sending 2 hours making a list of more than 150 masters, it was time for a workshop on Professional Communication, Profiling, and Networking. We got a guest lecture from Henk Jan Beltman, the Chief Chocolate Officer (CCO) of Tony’s Chocolonely. The lecture was interesting and I definitely enjoyed eating the chocolate🙂.

Friday class started again at 9:00 when I had a lecture about Methods of Assessment in clinical neuropsychology at the Academy building. After learning about MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), CT scans, and many more imaging techniques, it was time for the second half of the Professional Communication, Profiling, and Networking workshop. Fir, we worked on our LinkedIn profiles. Secondly, we had to write a job application letter where we applied for a job at Tony’s Chocolonely.

After a busy week it was finally time to go home and enjoy the weekend!😀

Type to you later,