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What is UCG?

Hello Reader,

What you may be asking yourself is: What is UCG?

Well, here’s an answer.

UCG is the University College in Groningen ( in the North of the Netherlands). The University College is the 10th faculty of the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (ranked 75 (2015) of Universities Internationally).


UCG offers a Liberal Arts and Sciences Programme. This means that as a student, whether you’re interested in physics or economics, psychology or philosophy, law or genetics – you can study a broad range of subjects.  You also participate in projects with your fellow students who are all interested in different subjects.

The first year is extremely broad. You can choose courses in Natural Sciences (Physics, Biology), Social Sciences (Psychology, Philosophy, Politics, Economics etc.), and Humanities. There are also some courses which are mandatory to follow such as Global Challenges, Research and Methodology, and Integrative Projects.

The second year you choose a major, narrowing your field of expertise. When it was my turn to choose, I chose Health & Life Sciences. 1 of the 5 majors.

  1. Politics, Philosophy & Economics
  2. Cognition & Behaviour
  3. Physics of Energy
  4. Health & Life Sciences
  5. Humanities


Besides the major courses you also have course with people from other majors, namely Research & Methodology and Integrative Projects.

The third year you have the choice to go on exchange or a semester. I am so excited! The second half of the third year you follow courses at UCG and graduate. And you will have received a Bachelor in Science or a Bachelor in Arts, depending on you major.

You can always visit the UCG website: for more info or comment below 🙂

Hope this helps,




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