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A Day in the Life of Dora

Hello Reader,

Today was one of the few days that I didn’t have class. However, I did have to study for the test I have in 2 weeks. So I woke up on time (9 o’ clock), still a little early for me. I walked to the UCG campus, passing by the Albert Heijn to buy breakfast and lunch.

After a good breakfast, I sat down behind my book to study.  After about an hour or two of reading about DNA replication and DNA damage, it was time for a break. I went to go lay down on one of the couches and watch some Youtube videos. And then it was back to my Molecular Biology book. Fun! Fun! Fun! (<– The motto of the Health & Life Sciences Major)

After eating lunch, I watched the finale of Jessica Jones and listened to people play the piano. I also talked to Hozan (my neighbor and fellow UCG student) and together we made a mural on the black wall with chalk. After finishing the mural it was time for me to return to Molecular Biology of the Cell.

Around 6 I left the UCG campus building and headed home. Once there, I met up with my housemates and ate dinner while chatting and joking. Then, the rest of my evening consisted of watching a few Lie to Me episodes and doing some research for my interdisciplinary group project. And finally, bedtime at 1:30 AM.




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