Living together in Frascati

Dear readers,

As you might know, studying at UCG does not only entail studying together, but also living together. In many ways, this is great. It certainly strengthens the feeling of being a community, which is an important part of UCG.

However, living together is not only rainbows and butterflies. You have to deal with the faults and imperfections of your housemates (and there are more than you might expect at first!). Especially having to share a kitchen and bathroom might get on your nerves from time to time. The trick to not going crazy is to not care very much and to see how funny they really are. Although, for some things that’s easier than for others. In our cluster for example, we get the occasional surprise of bread…

… or other forms of food lying around.

But this is not so bad compared to the dishes that sometimes are ‘forgotten’ to be done.

Still, everyone is in a hurry sometimes so we forgive each other. After all, none of us like to live in a messy kitchen, so we have our occasional cleaning hours where everyone helps make the kitchen liveable again.

Those ‘bad’ moments are heavily compensated by the hilarious moments we have with each other, like finding someone asleep on the couch.

In the end it is really a great experience, and one that I wouldn’t want to miss. It’s not easy to explain all the little moments you have with your housemates. Every cluster has their own thing, and somehow everyone has ended up in just the right cluster.


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