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Christmas Break (Yay!)

Hello Reader,

This week is the last week of class this year! Yay! Personally, I have been counting down the hours before I am free. It is another 34 hours before I leave the Netherlands and will be enjoying Christmas and the New Year in the sun.

Cottesloe Beach
Cottesloe Beach, Western Australia

This week has been a little hectic. With studying on Monday and Tuesday, an exam and Christmas Dinner on Wednesday, and an assignment on Thursday, I am so glad that I will finally have time on Friday to pack my bag before leaving.

I am looking forward to having no class, assignments, or tests for two weeks. I can enjoy my vacation without thinking about studying. I will also be working on my tan and reading my ever-growing collection of books. However, on the 4th of January (a Monday!) I will be back at UCG for my first class of the New Year.

So enjoy your Christmas and New Year! And I’ll talk to you in the new year!

Seasonal Greetings,



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