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A week in the life of Emmi

Dear Readers,

Our last college week of the year has past, and it sure hasn’t been a normal week!

Monday started nice and relaxed. I have all Mondays off this block, so my weekends are extra long! Of course there were still things to be done; movies to watch, books to read ;p, but also articles to study and lectures to prepare for of course.

Tuesday was much more eventful than Monday. It started with a pretty boring lecture on Sentence Structure. We have already covered most of the important sections so the lecture was mostly to see how everything fitted together. After two dull hours it was time to do some X-mas shopping! Thankfully I had a friend to help me out and keep me company, and because he’s such a gentleman he even carried all the bags :D. As you might know, shopping can be quite exhausting so when it was time for the Reliability, Uncertainty and Trust lecture I could hardly stay awake. Philosophy can be tiring enough on its own, so it was a miracle I got through it without dozing off!

Wednesday was especially exciting. After a few hours of work, it was time for the new Star Wars movie! I won’t spoil anything for those of you who haven’t seen it yet, but let me just say that it was amazing! After that I had just a few hours to pack my bag before a simple, yet good Christmas dinner with friends, followed by some Guitar Hero.

Thursday it was time to travel. I got on the train at 9:00 and arrived on Corfu at 23:00. I won’t bore you with the details ;P. At least now I got to avoid Research and Methodology.

After successfully avoiding some more R&M (not very hard when you’re thousands of miles away), it was still time to study on Friday. University doesn’t care that it’s Christmas break apparently, cause the exam weeks are just two weeks after the end of the break so everyone will be busy preparing during the holidays… There was still time to spend some quality time with parents though.

Saturday was spent chilling out and going to the city to shop some more, but still, books were waiting for me when I got home.

Today we went for a nice nature walk, which lasted too long in my opinion cause – as you might expect – there was some additional studying to be done. Yay.

So that was my week guys, never ordinary at UCG.

See ya next time,




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