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Hi there!

Last week, when I was actually supposed to write this article I was ill for about four days. Since I thought it’d be more interesting to share a more active week with you, there are two “weeks in the life of…” published this week.

Monday morning started quite easily with a breakfast in our common kitchen followed by some studying. Since I’m off on Mondays during this block, I use the day to prepare my lectures and tutorials for the rest of the week. In the evening I have lacrosse practice and after that we drink some some beers at the ACLO.

On Tuesday morning I go to the market to buy fruits and vegetables for the whole week, so when I come home I immediately start to cook some soup which I can store in the fridge. I definitely know that I’ll have nice lunches throughout the whole week! At 2 pm I have a meeting with the Social Committee of the study association. During this meeting we discuss the Christmas dinner we will have on Wednesday as well as some plans for after the break. At 4 I’m leaving to the place where I will have a Christmas dinner with the lacrosse association. With about 5 people we will cook dinner for 50 others and of course we are joining the dinner ourselves as well. It was really awesome to see everyone dressed up very nicely because usually we only see each other sweaty while wearing sports gear 😀 .

Wednesday morning, 07.30 am. So. Early. Yet I jump out of bed, take a shower, have breakfast and I am ready to make a delicious tiramisu for the Christmas dinner of Caerus tonight. Once we are done, I leave to the UCG faculty to have a meeting about the next open day. After that, I meet with my committee for the conference we are organizing in May to finalize our last things before the Christmas break. At 4.30 pm I have a meeting with one of the tutors about my individual project for this year and at 5.30 I am ready to finish the last things for the Christmas dinner! At 6 pm everybody arrives at the faculty, bringing the most delicious dishes and wearing the most incredible (ugly) Christmas sweaters. After the dinner we continued our night with our monthly drinks in the city.

On Thursday my day started quite a bit later than usual. At 1 pm we had a statistics lecture an afterwards we worked on an assignment. After that I did some groceries  and bought some presents for the “Sinterchristmas” night I would be having with my lacrosse team in the evening. We had dinner together and played a game with the presents everyone brought, so everyone would end up with a different present than her own.

Friday was a bit of a “chill day”. First we had 1.5 hours of statistics, but after that I went home and baked a cake. In the evening I went to my parent’s house, which is about an hour travelling, because on Saturday my grandparents are married for 60 years, so we are having a party with the whole family! Since my family lives everywhere (even in Australia!) it was awesome to see everyone again and to celebrate this memorable moment. In the evening I went back to Groningen with my boyfriend and we had a very relaxing evening with gluhwein and lots of games.

The following days we celebrated the break with a lot of sleeping and movie-watching. (Whoops, together with his housemates we watched episode I till VI of Star Wars. Well, that’s what a break is for, isn’t it? 😀 )
Right now I’m on the train to my sister to help here move to her new house. Tonight I will visit my cousin, because it’s her birthday tomorrow and after that I’ll be going to my boyfriend’s family to celebrate Christmas. I’m looking forward to it!

I hope you all have a very nice Christmas break!

See you next time,



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