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A Week in the Life of Dora

Hello Reader!

The vacation came to an end this week and it is time to get back to the University and Groningen. I landed in the Netherlands at 8:30 AM, two hours later than planned. After waiting for my baggage for an hour, I found out that my baggage was not at Schiphol but rather in Kuala Lumpur. So, after filling in some forms my family and I left Schiphol Airport by car in our summer clothes. I was then dropped of at the train station in Assen and had to wait for my train to Groningen in short and a sweater, seeing as my warmer clothes were in my lost bag. I walked from the train station in Groningen to my room and spent the rest of the afternoon warming up under my blankets. During the evening i went to Point Break at the Pathé.

As the snow continued to fall in the North and it was dangerous on the roads, the University closed all buildings giving us an ‘ice-day’. So instead of starting this blocks practical in the labs of UMCG, I stayed warm in my cozy bed and only left it in the afternoon to do groceries. I put on double socks, my scarf, winter coat, and gloves, and I braved to cold winds and icy paths to make my way to the Albert Heijn for food. The rest of my day was spent warming myself up again (and watching Sherlocke and QI) and occasionally studying.

IMG-20160106-WA0018Wednesday started with waiting to hear if the University would be closed again, but alas it was time for me to start classes again. I walked to the UMCG and spent the day doing a practical. We pipetted liquids,  added buffers and enzymes,  cut gel, and did some maths. Then, around 1 o’clock the university cancelled all classes and was in the process of shutting down the building, so quickly finishing the step we were on, everyone packed up and left the building. On the way home I shuffled on the slippery sidewalk and fell at least 3 times, maybe 4. Finally safe at home, I spent the rest of my day studying and working while under the warm blankets of my bed.


Thursday was possibly the slipperiest day of this week. I was walking to the UCG IMG-20160107-WA0000building, shuffling all the way and on the car park of UCG alone, I fell twice trying to get up a little bump. I had a Faculty Council meeting before class where we discussed matters such as education quality, teaching and exam regulations, and occupational health and safety policy. After a small break, I had a workshop about questionnaires. During the class I made a questionnaire together with two other group members. Then, while halfway through our questionnaire we were told that the building would close at 4. So, quickly finishing our work, we all walked home and once there I ate a warm meal, hoping it would warm me up from the inside (it did). My evening was filled with working, studying, and watching a movie.

Today (Friday) I woke up early to get to the University Library right when it opened its doors. I found a spot for me to sit and started studying and finishing things on my to do list. Later to day I will go to my parents house and then my mother and I will be going to Amsterdam because I will have to make my IELTS exam there Saturday morning. The IELTS exam is an English exam necessary for exchange next year.

That has been my week so far, type to you later!




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