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After exams dip

We met only three weeks after I moved to Groningen. The first time we encountered, I felt a bit awkward as you remained silent, while I felt eyes looking at me whenever around. But the more I got to know you, the more I started to appreciate your silence. Every time I was stressing out about an essay, exam or presentation, you were there for me and with all your knowledge I could always find the answers I was looking for. When I was with you, I never felt bored, as you kept on showing me different views of Groningen: you showed me the skyline and courtyards, though sometimes you were indulged in books.

But as time went on, many more people discovered how pleasant your presence was and they started to appreciate you almost just as much as I do. They would be around from 9 am till midnight, hoping they would have you for themselves.

I would just turn on some music, plug in earphones and hope they would leave soon. But as moments went by, I started to get fed up with these games you play, Over 1500 people would visit you every day and you would constantly run out of coffee. I tried to keep up with you a couple more days, but within a week I was done with you.


Dear University Library, my love for you was only temporary. Maybe we will meet again some day.





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