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A Week in the Life of Dora

Hello Reader,

Exams have passed and the new block has arrived. After a week of watching Netflix, sleeping, and reading books, it was time for me to wake up and go back to class.

Monday morning started with Human Body: Structure and Function where we discussed the skeletal, muscle, and digestive system. After trying to figure out what the duodenum was (the part that connects your stomach to your intestines) I spent the rest of the afternoon at the University Library (UB) preparing for other lectures and printing important stuff. 2 hours later I was completely fed up with studying so I went home, ate dinner, and spent time watching the Harry Potter movies for the 5th(?) time, while of course glancing at the reading I needed to do for Tuesday.

Tuesday I only have class in the afternoon, so I slept till 13:00. I then had Journal Club, a class where we discuss medical and biological journals in a group of 9 students. Then, later in the afternoon it was time for my first lecture at the Academy Building, which is a scary building. But, I conquered by fears of the huge building, stepped inside, and struggled to find my lecture hall. Clinical Neuropsychology is a 3rd year course, so I felt like a fish out of water, but the lecturer was great and I immediately felt more comfortable in the sea of people.

Wednesday I had to wake up extremely early (7:30!) for a meeting. And after one meeting, I had another meeting. Then it was time for more human body systems. Skin, cardiovascular, immune, and the endocrine system.  Halfway during class I realized that I should probably sleep more because I had only slept 5 hours and was already yawning at 11 o’ clock in the morning.  After class I met up with my project group and we divided tasks and after discussing deadlines (3 within the next 2 weeks) we packed up to work on our tasks at home. I went to the UB, because there is no way I would work on my part without falling asleep in my bed. The UB was quiet, but then again, the UB is generally busy when people need to study for exams. After sitting at the UB and rewriting my text for the second time I decided it was time to go home and take a nap before eating dinner, studying some more, and going to bed.

Thursday I forced myself to wake up early because I don’t have a normal sleep schedule and it would be so much better if I went to bed on time and woke up early. I am definitely not a morning person, but I got dressed, walked to UCG, and started working on making a list of all the master programmes at the University of Groningen. After sending 2 hours making a list of more than 150 masters, it was time for a workshop on Professional Communication, Profiling, and Networking. We got a guest lecture from Henk Jan Beltman, the Chief Chocolate Officer (CCO) of Tony’s Chocolonely. The lecture was interesting and I definitely enjoyed eating the chocolate :).

Friday class started again at 9:00 when I had a lecture about Methods of Assessment in clinical neuropsychology at the Academy building. After learning about MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), CT scans, and many more imaging techniques, it was time for the second half of the Professional Communication, Profiling, and Networking workshop. Fir, we worked on our LinkedIn profiles. Secondly, we had to write a job application letter where we applied for a job at Tony’s Chocolonely.

After a busy week it was finally time to go home and enjoy the weekend! 😀

Type to you later,



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