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Groningen’s best coffee spots

It’s Friday morning and the weekend is just right around the corner. In desperate need for a shot of caffeine my thoughts wander trough the city of Groningen, thinking about the best coffee places in town.
To make sure that you will just get your coffee before you come to this point, I’ve listed several coffee spots all around the city center and no more than a 5 minute bike ride from the UCG faculty.

Anat is a vegan coffee place near the Noorderplantsoen (YES! even their chocolate pie is vegan). This spot has a nice, relaxing view and a homely atmosphere.

Fullscreen capture 26022016 193944.bmp
image source

Pernikkel is always a nice place to go: whether it is for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They serve different dishes every week depending on the supply of the moment and bake/cook everything themselves. Also, they have a “pie of the day”, so who are you not to enjoy that unique pie with a good coffee 😉 .

image source

Toet “the dessert paradise” – if you are here, it actually feels like your in pie heaven. Next to your coffee you can enjoy several pies and desserts alongside.

image source

Simon Levelt is a coffee bar close to the University Library and they serve coffees to go for only 1.50 euros before 09.30 (so that’s an extra motivation to get up early and go to the UB!).

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image source

Last but not least, Wadapartja is a nice and cozy vintage coffee place with a store attached to it. They serve nice coffee and home made pies and soups.
Fun fact: Wadapartja is apparently a degeneration of wat apart ja, which more or less means “so strange, right”.

Fullscreen capture 26022016 200618.bmp
image source

Of course there are many more coffee spots in Groningen and I feel like each day I find another cafe that makes me curious. If you have ever visited Groningen: which one was your favorite and where should I definitely go?

Next time I will take you on a restaurants on a student budget tour!





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