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David Bowie is… in Groningen!

Bowie 1


Since recently, I see two things when I open the curtains in my room at the Frascati Student Housing: the rising sun – the end of winter time is finally approaching! – and thick, black letters on a orange surface: David Bowie is. My room is just opposite the Groninger Museum, the most visited museum in the city of Groningen. This winter and spring, it hosts the famous exhibition David Bowie is. With more than 300 objects from David Bowie’s personal archives, it is a very unique exposition. So when a good friend of mine asked me if I was interested in going to the exhibition together, I did not hesitate: of course!

Bowie (2)
Good morning, sunny Groningen!



I’ll be honest with you: I knew very, very little about David Bowie before I visited the museum. I experienced that this was no problem at all: even though it was basically my first introduction to Bowie’s life and work, it was a fascinating exposition. And I am sure that this applies to his most hardcore fans too. Like its subject, the exhibition is not one of a kind. It is a true experience. All highlights of Bowie’s career are to be found, including handwritten lyrics, photographs, album designs, lots of rare material, and his characteristic costumes. Also, you get a headphone at the start of the exhibition, through which you can hear the videos and music that are being played. There is such wide variety of objects, that you are hardly able to take it all in.


A selection of the diverse collection. Source: Groninger Museum

 It is thus hardly surprising that David Bowie is… welcomed its 100,000th visitor in Groningen this week. Make sure that you buy your tickets online before you go, otherwise the tickets might be sold out for the day! There are different timeslots to spread the amount of visitors – although it is still a bit crowded – , so reserve your favourite timeslot in time.

If you have the opportunity to visit Groningen, do not miss this exhibition!


Practical information

Ticket sale:

You might get a discount as a (highschool) student, so look into the different tickets!

The exhibition has been extended until Sunday, 10 April 2016.


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