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Meet Chris!

Last week, Chris(topher) asked me if I could help him with figuring out the tricks and specialties of his new camera. As I really enjoy photography myself (and because Chris bought the exact same camera as I have) I was obviously fine with doing so. But, next to helping him we chatted and I thought it would be really nice for you to meet him as well!

Chris is partly Canadian, partly Spanish and partly Japanese and he identifies himself most with whatever nationality suits best in a given situation (when it comes to playing ice hockey, he is definitely Canadian). At UCG he’s a second year student, following the PPE major and he is the treasurer of the study association.

After he apologized for the mess in his room, I was allowed to take some pictures. Recently UpdatedRecently Updated1

The first thing I mentioned when I entered Chris’ room was his guitar. Talking about music I already notice that we are completely different people. Whether it is his guitar or the piano, Chris can quite easily play anything by ear, yet he cannot read notes. Contrarily, I am very bad at playing by ear. yet I can play many things when I have sheet music in front of me.

Another remarkable thing I found in his room, was the watercolor on his carpet. As I asked him about it, he tells me about an old fisherman he once met while he was on a summer camp in Canada. The fisherman was fishing and paining and Chris decided to join him. A couple of weeks ago he started missing the outdoor life and he decided to buy the watercolor to be able to express himself through those paintings, just like the old fisherman once did.

We continue to talk about escaping life every now and then, whether it is by paining, photography or music, but we also talk about things as the business Chris is planning to start up (of which I unfortunately cannot tell you any details yet) and our plans for an exchange next semester. Finally we just sit and enjoy the view of his room. Which is, that needs to be said, astonishing.

Chris, thanks a lot!

Next week I will introduce another student. Stay tuned!





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