Caerus – Social Committee

Hi there!

In the upcoming weeks, the different committees of the study association will be introduced to you. So to start of: the Social Committee!

The Social Committee of the Study Association is there to make sure that next to studying each and every student can relax every now and then, since we believe some relaxation is just as important as studying intensely to get the best results. Because some will relax by drinking a beer and chatting with other students, and others relax by doing sports, we organize a broad range of activities. Activities we have organized so far are for example Halloween drinks and a Thanksgiving dinner, but also a court soccer tournament and a trip to Schiermonnikoog. Currently we are working on a murdergame (Those who are going to join won’t be safe in the city of Groningen, watch out!) and in May we are organizing a hitchhiking competition. In this way, we try to organize something for everyone!


Our committee consists of 5 people: Cairo – Tamara – Iris (treasurer) – Roos (secretary) – Tjitske (chair). Together we try and make everyone feel included in our own little “community”.  (Oh, and by the way. We’re definitely the most fun committee of the study association. So, you know. Join us next year!)


See you soon!



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