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Dear Readers,

The Study Association of the UCG is still very young. This means that all the members still have a big say in what the association is going to look like. Two of my fellow Health and Life Sciences majors and I felt that the association needed a new committee that was medicine and health related. Ruby Kemna, Bengt Snijders and I, Josephine Strijker, started with setting up the MediCo. We have great plans to organize many activities for all the Caerus members, but right now we are still very much in a starting up phase.

For us to know what we are doing, we are meeting many people that can help us. In Groningen there are multiple study associations for medical/health related studies. We have met some people who are active in these associations and we talked about what they can mean for us and what we can mean for them. They have given us some tips for the organisation of any future events. We are now busy with organizing our first event: ‘Dr. House evening’. We will watch an episode of House and talk with each other and a specialist about what is happening and how realistic it is.

It is really great to be part of a committee at Caerus. Mainly because we are still in our start up phase as an association and we are building it!





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