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The Sleeping Lasagnas

May I introduce to you; The Sleeping Lasagnas! We, Carlijn, Dora, Emmi, and Hanne, are the cooking committee of University College Groningen, the committee which does nothing else than talking and dreaming about food! Every three weeks, we organize a community dinner for all the students of Caerus, our study association. It is a fantastic moment to enjoy food while talking with other UCG’ers. Moreover, we cook for special events, such as organizing an Easter brunch, and we will also cook on the introduction camp for the Class of 2019! We of course hope that we will be a committee with more members, more sleeping lasagnas, next year. So if you will be a student of the Class of 2019 and dream as much about food as we do come join us and become the next sleeping lasagna!

PS: Our name is inspired by the very first community dinner at UCG. The cooking committee prepared lasagna the evening before the dinner and placed it in the fridge overnight. To make sure that they were not taken by students or staff, the cooking committee placed a post-it note on the fridge saying: ‘Don’t wake the sleeping lasagnas’. From then on the cooking committee was called “the Sleeping Lasagnas”.



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