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Hi guys!

I would hereby like to introduce you to the UCG Journal Committee /SLASH/. As the chair (a.k.a. editor) I get to boss around our members: Roos R as Secretary and fellow editor, Desi as Treasurer, Emmi as our UCSRN contact and Jacky as our regular member. Our aim is to publish one edition of /SLASH/ every block, which comes down to 4 issues a year. These issues hence not only contain the academic stuff such as essays, but we try to include fun things as well. These include submitted pieces such as poems or movie reviews by our UCG community members, the comic strip by Emmi, or demanding interviews with the staff. For now, we publish our issues online, to keep up with the current age of internet and of course for the aspect of sustainability. Most importantly, we look forward to more submissions and more input form you guys in the coming years! And of course, if you feel drawn to this committee, love writing or just collecting information: join our wonderful committee next year!

See you soon!



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