Student life

Nothing beats Groningen!

When studying at University College Groningen, you will have the opportunity to study abroad for a semester in the third year. Many fellow students of me are scattered all over the world: Norway, Peru, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, South-Korea, Hong Kong, USA, they are everywhere! They are having a great time over there, but also a few third years, including me, decided to stay in Groningen, and we are also having a great time! Recently, Groningen has been chosen as the nicest student city in the Netherlands by a Dutch magazine called Elsevier. A very good reason to stay in Groningen I think.

Let me introduce myself shortly. I am Carolien and I am a third year student. I am majoring in Health & Life Sciences. After graduating from University College Groningen, I would like to do a master in Public Health, because it concerns several disciplines at the same time. Until now, I have really enjoyed the interdisciplinarity of University College Groningen and in this way I hope to be able to continue with it.

I have decided to stay in Groningen in the first semester of my third year, because I am enjoying my time over here. I am an active member of a rowing association where I spend many hours and I really like the study environment UCG offers me. Groningen is such a vibrant student-city, and since I will be doing my Master somewhere else, I decided to enjoy Groningen for one more year! As a result of my choice, I got the opportunity to follow courses at different faculties within the University of Groningen. Since my focus is on Public Health, I chose (together with my tutor) several courses from different faculties which have a link with Public Health in a certain way. I am following two courses at the Faculty of Spatial Sciences which are mainly concerned with socio-demographic approaches, two courses at the Faculty of Social sciences, one course at the Faculty of Medical Sciences, and four courses at the Faculty of Natural Sciences. Next to that, I am writing my thesis on lifestyle patterns among children at the age of five and I will be doing a multidisciplinary project in the second semester. All in all, a very interesting mix!


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