International student

Jovana’s view on Groningen

Many can agree that Groningen is the capital student city of the Netherlands. In such a small city like Groningen, 1/3 of the population are students and half of these are International. Being an International student in Groningen is a great advantage when it comes to meeting new people from around the world and experiencing new cultures. Of course, Dutch culture is amazing by itself; however, Groningen being an International city always offers multicultural events that you can visit.

Having a bike is a must for every student. The city is packed with bikes on every day of the week, especially on the weekends. Apart from the multicultural life that this city has to offer, Groningen never ceases to amaze when it comes to the nightlife. No matter what your preferences are there is always something for everyone’s taste. Furthermore, no matter if you live in the centre or outside town there is always something to do. Groningen has a lot to offer to the students. Starting with a vibrant atmosphere around the city, cosy cafés, museums or even tour on the canal, are great opportunities to get to know the city.

Being an International student in Groningen is an amazing and mesmerizing experience so far. You get to learn a lot from your International friends and their cultures thanks to Groningen. This city still keeps stealing many individuals’ hearts with its lovely atmosphere spreading around. I am glad for my chance to be studying and living here and for the memories I will be making.

Jovana Plotnikova – First year student ambassador


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