Student life

Sporting in Groningen!

Hi all! I am Carolien, a third year student at UCG and a sport lover! Therefore, I will tell you something about sporting in Groningen!

Groningen has many sport associations, and more specifically, student sport associations. Sport associations which only have student as members and is fully managed by students. Even though study association Caerus has a sport committee UCGO, it is great to broaden your horizon outside UCG and become a member of one of the student sport organizations.

There are 49 different students sports clubs of which you can become a member. Soccer, underwater hockey (yes really!), volleyball, rowing, ballroom dancing, floorball, lacrosse, field hockey, rugby, boxing, and many more. Plenty of options to choose from. All student sport organizations are supported by the ACLO, the overarching student sports organization. The ACLO was founded in 1945 and is the largest overarching student sport organization of the Netherlands. Also the ACLO is fully managed by students. The ACLO itself also offers many sport facilities, such as group lessons, open hours and 5-week courses. In this way you can stay fit and explore other sports you have never done before but would like to try for a few weeks! In this way I have tried lacrosse and participated in the ice skating course to develop the basic skills.

I am a member at a rowing association, called Gyas. I have become a member in my first year in Groningen and I still spend many hours at Gyas. Many of those hours consists of rowing practice in a boat. Besides that, I participate in other activities which are organized, such as parties and trips. This is very common for many student sport clubs in Groningen. In this way, becoming a student sport association will result in new friendships and the creation of unforgettable memories! And you can stay fit and healthy while studying of course!



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