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What being a student at UCG has brought me

My name is Asyana and I am first year student here at University College Groningen. Despite the ridiculous amount of places my class comes from, despite the different cultures and languages, I think UCG is a place where we do (get ready for this, this is cheesy) feel like a family. We all tend to… Continue reading What being a student at UCG has brought me


How to: Exchange

“What are your plans for the exchange?” is basically the most frequently asked question in the first semester of the second year. As soon as the year comes rolling around you’re informed about the options, and for me, the desire to go abroad started tingling. Actually, this already started when I heard the now third-years… Continue reading How to: Exchange

International student

Growing up in Dhaka

This blogpost is written by Abidur Rahim, one of our first year students. The article was originally written for SLASH, the online magazine of our student association Caerus.  "Since the chances of me getting struck by lightning are higher than the chances of someone actually deciding to visit Dhaka after the sole act of reading this article,… Continue reading Growing up in Dhaka