International student · Student life

What being a student at UCG has brought me

My name is Asyana and I am first year student here at University
College Groningen.

Despite the ridiculous amount of places my class comes from, despite
the different cultures and languages, I think UCG is a place where we
do (get ready for this, this is cheesy) feel like a family.

We all tend to share one thing in common, and that is our interest in
the world, the future, and the passion to go along with it. As a
class, we have many differences that go beyond just our nationalities;
we differ in what subjects we excel in and care about, we differ in
what jobs we aspire to have, and what kind of impact we hope to make
in the world. We are a class of physics, psychology, and chemistry, to
philosophy, and political theory, What one of us can’t do, someone
else in our class can. We have grown as a community in that way. We
are different. We have different histories and perspectives, we have
different answers to the same questions, but we still come back to
that deep rooted excitement for the world and the future of it. We
come back to the fact that each of us is trying discover our role in
the future changes in the world, we come back to the same question of,
“What next?” It is revealed in our late night debates over one too
many beers and our class discussions that go way over class time. It’s
what holds us together despite our differences.

My favourite part of coming to UCG was discovering a community that
aspires to make a difference in the world, and embracing each other’s
way of doing so.


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