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Making choices

What are you going to study? What are you going to do for your masters? What do you want to become when you grow up? These are questions that we hear all the time and sound so simple. However, often times you might struggle very much with answering and respond with: I do not know… Continue reading Making choices


Coming back from exchange

Hello everyone! My name is Cyntha Wieringa and I am currently in the third year of UCG. I have spent the first semester of this year on exchange to Arizona in the United States. I had a great time in the US and definitely experienced the true American college life. I had a semester filled… Continue reading Coming back from exchange

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Living in Frascati – UCG Student Housing

  This blogpost was written by Lea-Claire Tersou, one of our first year student ambassadors Accommodation, when arriving to a country as a complete foreigner, is an essential component to happy and successful studies. I was initially skeptical of living in a residence with several people, as I had spent already 3 years in boarding… Continue reading Living in Frascati – UCG Student Housing

Housing · International student · Student life

Living Internationally

My Name is Maximilian, first-year student of UCG. My studies have started since I moved here from Vienna this summer. I enjoyed many classes and activities in the city of Groningen. I’ve met many people – professors and students alike- with interesting knowledge and stories. The greatest experience that I’ve had so far, and still… Continue reading Living Internationally