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Living in Frascati – UCG Student Housing


  • This blogpost was written by Lea-Claire Tersou, one of our first year student ambassadors

Accommodation, when arriving to a country as a complete foreigner, is an essential component to happy and successful studies. I was initially skeptical of living in a residence with several people, as I had spent already 3 years in boarding school in the past and cohabitation with strangers can be very hard. Yet, for this first year, I could not have asked for a nicer place to live.

Living with all my UCG peers for a year turned out to be a blessing in disguise. My unit of 7 people has become my home in the Netherlands. We decorated our spacious and modern kitchen into a little safe haven for us, combining the best of our international and local culture. The flags of the nations represented in our unit (Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Austrian, Vietnamese, and Czech) hang on our walls, and across our stay here we have also hung the pictures and art works which constitute our progress in our university life.

Every Tuesday we celebrate UNIGHT (unit night), where we all cook and have dinner together, compensating for our busy lives and different schedules. Whilst living together is incredible, my large room provides me with the space I need after a long day, where I work, dream, relax, and evolve. Moreover, located right next to the station, not far from the city center, and a 5 minute bike ride away from UCG, my commodities and needs are never too far away.

Yet, the part that I enjoy the most of living in Frascati is how close I am for the first year to all my peers. If we were to live apart in our own houses, I would have never discovered the amazing qualities and fun quirks of all my friends. Here, I have built my small new family that have come to hold a very special place in my heart.

Want to know more about Frascati? Our first year student Isidora has made a beautiful video about our student housing. Watch the video here on our website. 


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