Coming back from exchange

Hello everyone! My name is Cyntha Wieringa and I am currently in the third year of UCG. I have spent the first semester of this year on exchange to Arizona in the United States. I had a great time in the US and definitely experienced the true American college life. I had a semester filled with American football, red cups, fast food, and lots of sunshine. However, I am happy to be back in the Netherlands and start my last semester at UCG.

It surprised me how easily I got used to being back in the Netherlands, nothing much changed in this bike overloaded country. I did miss the sun a lot!! However, academically much changed. This last semester will be the first one where I am living off the UCG campus. Somehow I got lucky enough to get a really large room in the middle of the city center with two really nice guys! Living without my UCG friends certainly is a whole change, but luckily I noticed that I still see them almost every day. It is also fun to have your friends live all over the city. You leave the house more and you enjoy seeing each other more now. Another whole adjustment from coming back from exchange, is learning all the new faces of the new class of 2019. There are so many of them! My year, class of 2017, has a total of 26 students, and so does the class of 2018. The class of 2019 is with over 80 people, making us really outnumbered! In order to help the integration between the years, the social committee of Caerus organized a running dinner. Groups of first years signed up and went from house to house to have different courses at the houses of the third years (my year). I was also one of the hosts of the running dinner and it was really fun to get to know some of the new students through this way.

Next week were are going to have a big gala, so I am sure I will meet many more there. Luckily I hear from some of the first years that UCG still has a very small atmosphere, that is nice to hear! In my opinion this is one of the stronger assets of UCG. All in all I have a lot to look forward to during my last semester here! I will work on a project that will research in collaboration with the Martini hospital whether or not it is possible to treat winter depression through means of virtual reality experiences, and I will have to start my thesis. At the end of it all I will be rewarded with the first ever UCG graduation ceremony on the 7th of July. However, that will still take a long time, I just really want to enjoy the here and now with all my friends who I have not seen for a whole semester!


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