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A Night Out

Have your heard about the SOC?

If yes, that’s perfect. If not, that’s even better.

My name is Marius and I am part of the Social Committee, the most active committee in UCG. To show you what it is like to partake in one of our events I will take you with me to our most recent event, the Gala.

February, 2017.

The winter in the Netherlands is cold and grey. Rain has been pouring down on the streets of Groningen all day. Generally speaking, it is a typical Monday night in February. Returning from class, I find myself sitting in my living room having coffee with my housemates, philosophizing about the meaning of life and video games. Through the giant window I watch the almost poetic interplay of rain, wind and desperate bicycle riders.

This night, however, is anything but normal.

The doorbell rings. Soaked but happy, Ruben (a close friend and fellow SOC member) steps into my apartment. The cheeky smile on his face makes it instantly clear that he has found what he has been looking for. Proudly, he presents the five pink ties, specially bought for this very night.

For a few weeks now, we as the SOC have been organizing the biggest event of the year, namely a Gala dedicated to the birthday of Caerus – UCG’s study association. With more than 70 signups and unlimited beer and wine this Monday night is more than promising.

Exposed to the rain, Ruben and I are on our way to have dinner with the rest of the SOC members. They welcome us with open arms and even wider opened wine bottles. After a surprisingly delicious dinner (I was the chef cook) our Chair made some final remarks in one of his famous laudatory speeches. With wine in our stomach and excitement in our minds, the ten of us are on our way to the Pakhuis, the location of the night. Warm lights and polite bar tenders introduce us to the location and give us final instructions for the night ahead of us.


At 10:30pm sharp the first Caerus members find their way into the cosy halls of Pakhuis, which is the kick-off for the night.

After 20 minutes, the party filled and almost every single name on the guest list was ticket off.

What else is there to say?

It is hard to put this night into words but trust me, I am already looking forward to next years Gala.

How is it like to spend your night with 80 students and unlimited supply of drinks?

Exactly, it puts some light in the cold and grey winter in the Netherlands. And maybe once you will experience yourself what that means.

Best wishes,




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