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My week at UCG

Dear readers,

First, I will introduce myself: I’m Rosemarijn. I’m a first year student at University College Groningen, and I’m currently 20 years old. This is my second year living in Groningen and since September I’ve been living in Frascati. As you may know; Frascati is our campus at UCG. All the first year students live there. The building is divided in units and the unit I currently live in is unit D4. We live on the fourth floor and we have a very nice unit. In this blog, I will show you how my average week in D4 looks like, so that you can get an impression of how life is in Frascati and at UCG.


Usually my day starts quite early (9am, for students this is very, very early), but this week I got lucky, since our class was moved to the end of the week. I started the day with a nice breakfast in our kitchen. At 2pm some others from my unit and I headed to UCG to follow our first class of the week; ‘Media Theory and Practice’. Today’s lecture was about objectivity; the question whether objectivity could be reached in journalism or not, it was very interesting. After this class I bought groceries for the week. With the groceries I made a nice meal in our kitchen and I ate with a friend. After dinner I went to the gym, then I took a shower and then I went to bed to get some well-deserved sleep.


Today I had to start at 9 am again. My day started with a Human Geography course, also one of my electives. This time the class was about globalization and specifically trading. Interesting, since I’m very interested in global economics. After this class, my official day at University College was already finished. Lucky me, because when I arrived back in D4, one of the other students at UCG had made me some lunch.

In the afternoon I had a meeting with my project-group of the project ‘Designer Humans’. I will explain this project briefly: in this project we work on the ethics around DNA editing and the possibilities of this in the future. Our meeting lasted half an hour and we discussed what we had to do for this week. Tuesday is always the day on which we have a unight in our unit. On these days we all eat together. This night we had a couscous salad for dinner to get our necessary vitamins (which is sometimes quite challenging as a student). In the evening I did some studying, because on Wednesday we had a midterm for mathematics.


The day started with a midterm mathematics at 9 am, not the best beginning of the day, but it was good to just get it over with. The midterm was challenging, but doable. After the midterm I went back to Frascati to work on my presentation for media, which was scheduled for Friday. Every week we have a presentation about a certain topic in journalism, this week was my turn, and I had to make a presentation about objectivity (like the lecture on Monday).

In the evening I made a nice meal with a friend in our nice D4 kitchen and we had some dinner. The evening I spent with my friend, since I thought I had done enough for that day.


The morning started at 11 am, which is quite OK. The first (and only) course I had was mathematics. Today we had to do a case study about matrices. This was doable, since we had to study this for the midterm. After this my day at UCG was done. I studied for the presentation of friday (for media) in my room, and in the evening a friend cooked for me. Usually Thursdays are the days a lot of students are going out, but since I had the student assistent meeting at 8:30am the following morning and after that my presentation, I did what every good student would do: I just went out anyway and would look at the consequences the next morning. Just kidding. I went to bed a little early to get some good rest.


At the beginning of the week I talked about 9 am being early, well, today I had to start at 08:30 am to have a meeting with the other student assistants. Between 9 am and 11 am I was practicing my presentation for Media, since at 11 am I had to present it. My presentation went quite well. After my presentation I had some quick lunch and then I went to the next lecture (the one from Monday that was moved to Friday). This was about emigration and migration. After classes I hung out with a friend. We cooked dinner and after this I went to home-home (my parents, but as a real student we call this home-home).

Despite having this very busy week, I enjoyed it a lot. My grades turned out to be good for Media and for Mathematics (yes, even mathematics). So we could say this was a good week at university.

Best wishes,


A unight in unit D4




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