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The ‘Student for a day’ experience

Showing prospective students around Groningen is one of the most fun parts of being a student ambassador. They are all eager to discover every corner of University College. The routine goes like this:

A student buddy who is a first year student, picks them up at the train station and then they go and visit Frascati. The student dorm is FANTASTIC! (or at least that’s what they say J) First impressions are about the units corridors “ Wow, everything is so white”. Yes indeed they might be a bit dull; however, we do have some cool stickers here and there. The most interesting part of the day is the UCG tour. Students, especially the international ones, are often surprised when they see our faculty’s building. It is not one of those huge, boring uni buildings, it’s smaller and cooler. When we get inside they get even more surprised. A kitchen inside of the faculty? Yes, we do offer everything. It takes a lot of effort to go back to Frascati, make lunch and come back for another lecture. What everyone can do instead is just use the stoves and storage everything in the shared student’s fridge. How cool is that. Afterwards they attend two or three lectures or sometimes even three. At the end of the day every student receives a goodie bag, a nice souvenir from UCG. Then we go to the main Albert Heijn supermarket at Vismarkt and visit the city center. Somehow they all end up buying stroopwafel, the delicious Dutch Cookies.

This is pretty much everything we do during the SFAD visit. In my opinion it’s a nice way to explore Groningen and have a taste of student life. Next year you can be one of the lucky student buddies who can give the tour to our new prospective students. You never know!

Are you interested in becoming a Student for day We have several dates available in March, April and May. Sign up here!

Xoxo Jona


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