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Groningen – The city that never sleeps (Dutch Edition)

In contrast to studying as an International to Groningen, the benefit of this pocket size city of the Netherlands is the super vibrant nightlife, you get to experience almost every night during the week.  To begin with, a clear motivation for people to go out, apart from taking a break from the exhausting work done in the library, is the frustration of the paper thin walls in our housing. To be completely clear, it is not possible to play music, at any volume, without bothering anyone in your unit. As much as we all enjoy living together, and enjoy our student housing, the thin walls of our rooms are stopping you from enjoying the night in your own environment. Not that it is a negative point, but because of the poorly isolated rooms, it is an obligation to visit the city and the (approximately) 150 pubs in it during the weekend.

The best part of it is that you get to experience the city in a completely new perspective than usual. When you get to the darkened small streets of the city full of tiny bars, you get to see all the traffic of bikes going in all directions, with crowds of people clustered outside the bars and clubs waiting in the queues to eventually get on the dance floors. While walking on the streets and passing the bars, any type of music can be heard outside the entrance of the bars on the ground floors of very narrow houses. Thinking about it, makes me realise that they are so close, yet all differ from each other.  The city is able to offer something to everyone, with the venue housing starting from big warehouse to small and even claustrophobic. However, without this being taken into account you are guaranteed with a good night out. Moreover, an advantage of this hectic student city is that everyone is super friendly and you always get to meet new people. The beauty of this small city is that allows you to connect with people a lot easier. To conclude, Groningen is without a doubt a place that needs to be visited during the night. So, to everyone who ever gets the chance to pass by this city as an ‘outsider’, you need to know that you can have as much fun with only yourself as much you do when being with a group of friends, due to the friendly people in this lovely city!

Jovana Plotnikova (a first-year student at UCG)


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