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Caerus: A place of opportunities and favourable moments

When I came to UCG I had no clue what being part of a Study Association meant. In the beginning of the year, I joined SA Caerus with the hope to get to know more people and to integrate in the community. However, Caerus gave me much more than what I expected.

caerus logo

The name Caerus comes from Greek mythology where Caerus is the god of opportunity, luck and favorable moments. Just as the name suggests, the SA is full of opportunities and favorable moments. With its 10 committees, varying from the Social Committee to the Yearbook and Sports Committee, Caerus offers quite a range of activities and roles you can take on within the association. I am involved with the Yearbook committee, which designs the annual almanac, and with the PIXEL Promotion Committee, which takes care of visually capturing all shared moments in the association. What this gave me is the opportunity to combine several of my passions, like photography and design, together with my social life.


One of the latest Caerus events was the St. Patrick’s dinner. For the night, the Social Committee along with a group of Irish students, teachers and staff had organized a dinner and a pub quiz. Many students, teachers and staff with big green hats, green hair highlights and green clothes gathered. The atmosphere was relaxed, but lively. Aside from socializing that night I was also taking photos as part of the PIXEL committee. I felt inspired to capture the moments of laughter, happiness and community that were omnipresent. What is more, being part of those moments myself helped me to channel that emotion better through my camera. At the end of the night, I felt a certain fulfilment which I couldn’t have felt without the opportunities that Caerus gives me.

IMG_5697 webIMG_5913 webIMG_5722 web
So, if you are thinking about joining a Study Association like Caerus, think no more. Caerus will help you to not only grow your social life, but your professional as well. It’s the best of both worlds!

Isidora Cvetkovska – first year student



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