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My major in Artificial Intelligence at UCG

My name is Cyntha Wieringa, I am currently in my third year of UCG, and I major in Artificial Intelligence. As you might have noticed if you are familiar with the UCG curriculum, Artificial Intelligence is not one of the set majors, but a major I created myself by choosing the free major.

Before I started UCG I was doubting between two programs: UCG and Artificial Intelligence. In the end I am really happy that I chose Liberal Arts, just because of all the extra perks that come with UCG. UCG lays a great emphasis on developing skills, and this is really something that makes you stand out amongst other students. However, I still wanted to do Artificial Intelligence and I saw that the free major is the perfect way to go about it. I met with my tutor and he suggested I talked to the study advisor of the Artificial Intelligence degree. After meeting with her, we made a program together that would give me access to Artificial Intelligence master degrees. The program was challenging, and on average more than 60 EC’s a year, but it was really worth it. I loved that UCG gave me the space to pursue what I wanted to do, and that they helped me along the way. They got me a personal tutor to still ensure the UCG small scale values.

Now I am about to start my last block at UCG. I am currently writing my thesis about how to measure stress when somebody is in a Virtual Reality environment. After this block I am taking a gap year. UCG was amazing, but only three years. I think it is nice to take some time off to maybe travel or work for a little bit. After that I want to do a masters degree somewhere else than in the Netherlands. Currently I am thinking about doing a masters in Cognition and IT in Denmark, or Science and Technology in Society in Vienna. However, that still seems far away. I first need to focus on finishing and enjoying the rest of my time here at UCG.


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