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The last few weeks at UCG

It has been almost three years since I started studying at UCG. In the beginning, I had no clue what type of courses to choose, since making choices is not something I am really good at. (Even at the supermarket, I am terrible in choosing..) Luckily enough, along the way I was somehow able to choose a direction. (with great help of my tutor I have to admit). Even more surprising, I was able to specify my interest within my major of Health & Life Sciences into the direction of Public Health. This direction enables me to approach health from many different perspectives. This multidisciplinary approach is something I learnt during my time at UCG and is something I really value.

I entered UCG as someone who could not say what her interest was, and now almost three years later, I am able to say what my field of interest is. Maybe something very easy, but for me, that was a real achievement.

The last two months of my time at UCG has started. On one hand I am really looking forward to a new adventure, but I am also realizing that UCG is an amazing place to study and develop yourself. It was the environment and people at UCG which made it possible for me to develop myself and being able to find out what interests I have. So, while studying very much to be able to graduate (which is not always fun), I will also try to enjoy my last two months at UCG as much as possible. Because before you know it, it will be over.

By Carolien Tigelaar – Third year student at UCG


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