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The UCSRN Tournament

By Marius Merz – Second year student 

The alarm goes off.

It is Saturday; 5:30 in the morning but somehow getting up is not as hard as it is during the week. The reason for this is simple: The UCSRN tournament is awaiting UCG students in Amsterdam.

The UCSRN (College Student Representatives the Netherlands) tournament takes place once a year. Thereby, students from all the University Colleges in the Netherlands get together in order to find the ultimate champion among the Colleges. The categories of the tournament are just as diverse as the program of Liberal Arts and Sciences itself. Among others, people compete in improvisation theatre, all kinds of sports, League of Legends and debating.

Fully prepared, I meet all the UCG representatives at the Groningen central station. The trip to Amsterdam, a three hour long bus and train ride, is characterized by a mixture of yawning and excitement. Some of us already discuss the winning strategies whereas others just start skimming through the rules of their discipline.

By the time we arrive at the Amsterdam University College campus, the board members of each college are already covered in flour.

The tournament has been started!

After we changed, my team and I made us on the way to the sports hall, where we would play against the other soccer teams. The first game started off with promising enthusiasm, as we scored a goal right after the first 20 seconds. However, this encouraging upswing abandoned us faster than we had in mind. We lost the first game with a rather not close result of 1:3. Also the following games quickly emphasised our underdog position on the soccer pitch. The final result was that we lost five out of five games, while only scoring four goals in total, from which one was an own goal scored by our opponent.

Well done!

On the bright side, our early elimination gave us the opportunity to watch other, more successful, disciplines. One such discipline was the poetry slam. Claire-Léa, one of the first years of UCG, made the first place with her self-written poem. Also Tim, a second year student, made it in the final of squash, which he unfortunately lost by only two points.

After a quick shower and dinner at the ACU campus, battle of the bands, which was the last competition of the day, started. Each College presented its band, while cheering for it and getting ready for the after party.

The night began and the preceding rivalry of the UC’s turned into a feeling of collective harmony.

At 4 o’clock in the night I ended my day, being happily exhausted. Even though we were not close at all to a win, I will surely join the tournament next year. The fun throughout the entire day and especially the after party made it definitely an experience one should not miss.


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