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The Last Block as a Second Year Student


By Anne de Vries – Second year student

We are just two weeks into the fourth, and last, block of this academic year. This means that the clock on our time at UCG, as second years, has begun to tick a little louder. Next to this it means that we, the second years, are trying to enjoy our last weeks in Groningen before we’re going off on exchange, while having to focus on the last classes and exams.

Personally, I have just started the course that I was looking forward to most when I chose the Humanities major last year. It is called Storie(s) that Shape(d) the World, and I hoped it would fulfil all my deepest literary desires. Due to the fact that the course has only been running for two weeks, I am still curious as to how it will turn out, though what I have seen so far left me excited for more knowledge on plot, narrative and anything alike.

Unfortunately, this block has to be closed off with exams as well, and what is even worse about the last block of the academic year is that the weather is improving: hence concentration is far from everyone’s minds. We do have to summon it though, specifically because of the Project Presentation Day that is coming up on the 19th of June. I will get to present on our research trip to Rome with our project team, hopefully with lots of Italian snacks and a big audience.

Most interesting – and stressful, if I may add – is the upcoming exchange. I will be leaving for Canada halfway through August and I look forward to spending my time at McGill University in Montreal, but unfortunately it is not all fun and games (yet). While it is incredibly exciting, getting there takes some effort. Think about getting the official letter of approval of the host university, before being able to apply for a visa, book your plane tickets, apply for a scholarship, register for courses and looking for a room. However, while this all sounds gloomy, I expect the grey clouds to quickly make room for the sunny skies of a safe trip over.

Another thing I am both thrilled and hesitant about, is the imminent entering into the third, and final, year at UCG. It sounds great to be graduating next year, though it is also sad to have to leave UCG and its ‘gezellige’ community. I can’t imagine what the now-third years are going through. Stressing about theses and having to further define their plans for the future. If only I could define my own. A few years ago I always thought graduates looked so composed and certain, but the further I get in my student career, the less put together I feel…

On a final positive note, all the changes I have seen over the past year and have been hearing about for the future make me certain of bright prospects for UCG and its students. The courses the College is developing and the opportunities students are getting to design and follow their own path sound amazing, and I hope to be able to enjoy it when I return from an amazing semester at McGill.


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