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Hitchhiking 2.0

On Saturday 6th of May, 2017 UCG held its second annual hitchhiking competition. With over 30 participants, it was bound to be intriguing from the beginning. The goal was to travel from Groningen to Kiel in Germany, as fast possible – only get lifts from passerby drivers.

The rules obliged pairs of two with one male and one female, for safety reasons.

With the start at 9AM, only after 4 hours and 29 minutes, there were already our first winner(s):  Iris and Marius (3rd and 2ndyear students have arrived in Kiel. Furthermore only 3 different rides being used during the whole trip. For those who could not attend, the competing groups updated them with photos (in the common UCG Whatsapp group). The competition required a lot of patience. Many people dealt with being stuck at the Dutch-German border, stranded at gas stations, bus stops. It was quite a struggle for some groups that could be stranded for 4 hours at the same spot.

By the end of the day, everyone else arrived, with some people arriving late in the evening. The competition was then followed by celebrating and a social gathering and a night in Kiel. The following day of course, everyone safely returned to Groningen. All props go to the Social Committee Caerus for organizing yet another successful event!

By Bogdan Tsupryk, second year student at UCG


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