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The Student for a day experience according to a prospective student

Student for a day, according to Alfia, a prospective student who was interested in the liberal art and science programme offered at UCG.

On the 21-st of February 2017 Alifia Elmia, an international student from Budapest came to visit and experience University college as student for a day. I was lucky enough to be her student buddy and give both Alifia and her mother a tour around the city. Discussing with prospective student who are ambitious and being asked by their parents for my personal student experience, I think is one of the nicest things you can experience while being a student buddy. Besides being part of my job, listening to other student’s stories is very inspiring and helps you to expand your network. The three of us explored the picturesque town of Groningen and had a very informative discussion. To my surprise Alifia remained very satisfied , thus she decided to apply at ucg. Mission accomplished! I was glad that I was able to convince a bright student to be part of the UCG family.

Below are Alifia’s responses for the SFAD visit

How did you experience student for a day visit at university college Groningen?

Alifia: The SFAD visit experience was very nice. it really opened up my knowledge about the Groningen university and what the city itself holds. It also helped in solidifying my choices.

What did you enjoy the most at university college?

Alifia: I liked the fact that there is a very close knit community between the students, faculty, and professors, which in my opinion will really help me in my future studies.

What was the most interesting thing about the city of Groningen?

Alifia: The thing that was most surprising to me was the fact that although it was a small city, there seemed to be an endless amount of things for you to do.

Do you think UCG is suitable for highly motivated and ambitious students? If yes would you recommend it to your friends?

Alifia: yes, i think its a great place for highly motivated students. Yes, I would recommend it to my friends. As a matter of fact I already have and she was really interested in UCG’s broad range of academic options.

Jona Haxhialiu – First year student at UCG


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