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Cyntha’s plans ‘after UCG’

My time at UCG is at its end, and I can still hardly believe it. On the one hand it only feels like yesterday that I first walked into the UCG building, on the other hand, I am a completely different person now than I was on that day. The other day I looked at the very first essay I wrote during my time at UCG, and it made me realize that I did in fact learn and grow a lot. Now, with all the knowledge and memories I have collected over the past three years, it is time to look forward.

When I came back from exchange in February, I realized that I would like to do my masters abroad. Unfortunately, most deadlines for masters abroad already pass in January, and therefor I am taking a gap year in the following year. I don’t mind taking a gap year at all, it is nice to take a break after working really hard for three years. This way I can calmly figure out what masters I want to do, and I have more than enough time to apply to multiple places. My plan for the gap year is to find a job and work in Groningen until January/February. This is easy for me to do considering both my parents live in Groningen. During this time I would also like to visit Arizona again, the place where I went for exchange. From January/February on I would like to go travelling in South East Asia, and visit countries I have always wanted to visit like Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. Ideally, I’d like to travel for three/four months, and after that I will start my masters somewhere abroad. I’m already curious to know where I am going to end up!


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