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Marieke’s Master Choice

By Marieke, Third year student at UCG

It sounds very hard to believe, but my three years at University College Groningen are coming to an end in less than a month. Three themes took a central position in the third year: exchange, the bachelor thesis and what are you going to do after UCG. When I got back after my awesome exchange in Hong Kong, I started to think about what I wanted to do after finishing up my bachelor.

To be honest, I found it quite difficult since nowadays, there are so many options. You could do an internship, travel the world, do a board year or continue studying. After a long and thoughtful thinking process and many conversations with friends, parents, teachers, I decided that I am going to continue my studies right away after I finish my bachelor at UCG. Many people actually pick a gap year or do an internship because they want to figure what they are interested in or want to enjoy a year of free time. For me this was a little different since I feel quite comfortable what I am interested in and in what field I wanted to pursue my masters. I am majoring in politics, philosophy and economics (PPE) with a main focus in international and development economics. Since the second year, I have been following courses in this field and have created a program with courses in international trade, globalization, development economics and econometrics. After I made the decision that I wanted to continue studying, the next steps had to be made in this decision-making process: Which program suits my interest best and where do I want do my masters? At that time, I felt a little overwhelmed with all the different options. Therefore, I decided to just to focus on the Netherlands and compare all the different programs.

In the end, I selected three programs: international economics in Groningen, international economics in Rotterdam and economics in Amsterdam. This was a pretty difficult decision to make, however during class a teacher approached me and informed be about the fact that the University of Groningen offers a double degree program in Economic Growth and Economic Development in collaboration with the University of Lund located in Sweden. To me this sounded like a super cool program in my field of expertise, two years more years of studying and finally, I will get the opportunity to go abroad for my master. I could not let go of this program and decided to apply. I will hear probably within two weeks if I am accepted or not, but I am really excited to pursue my studies in Groningen and to go the Sweden next year. My advice to everyone is: talk to your friends, experts, visit open days and have a little faith in yourself in making the decision since wrong choices do not exists!


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