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Part 1: Road to Graduation

By Marieke van Beek

Being part of the class of 2017 has already brought me many firsts: being the first class of UCG, the first ones going on exchange, the first ones writing the bachelor thesis and now also the first class that is graduating. When I got back from exchange, I had some time to think about what I still wanted to work on during my final semester at UCG. The first thing that I actually came to mind was organizing the graduation ceremony together with setting up a committee that would organize a full week with activities in order to create some final memories all together.

At the moment, I am involved in both: I am the chair of the graduation committee and I am also part of the event team that organizes the official ceremony. The event team’s main responsibility is organizing the ceremony that will take place on the 6th of July at UCG. This team consists out of several staff members, tutors and one student representative. The ceremony will start with a general closure of the year and a speech of our dean Hans van Ees. Subsequently, students will give a talk about all of their experiences and memories of the last three years. After this, we will move to the official graduation part in which students will receive their diploma. During the ceremony, the class of 2017 gets to wear an official graduation robe together with a head and tassel. After this part of the ceremony, the graduating class of 2017 gets to turn their tassel from right to left which represents that they have official graduated. Afterwards, there will be drinks and students will probably go off with their parents to celebrate their graduation.

For the graduation committee we have organized a full week with activities. On Sunday, the week kicks off with a barbeque in het Noorderplantsoen and everyone will receive their class sweater. On Monday, we have organized a big gala for all the three years of UCG in order to have a final event all together. On Tuesday, when everyone is recovered from the day before, we have created a UCG pub quiz. Wednesday consist of a full program: kayaking at het Paterswoldsemeer and in the evening a final staff/student dinner. Thursday is the big day! In the morning, there will be an official picture moment for the class of the 2017 at the academy building all dressed in robes and heads. The official ceremony will start at 16:00 and will take place at our own faculty.

This was the first part about the road to graduation and I will keep you guys updated!


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