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Prague – Day One

By Isidora Cvetkovska – First year student at UCG

17 of us gathered at the courtyard of Frascati at 9am on a Friday morning, still sleepy, but happy that instead of going to class we are going to Prague. We got on the train to Brussels Airport, where we would catch our flight. We didn’t notice how fast time was passing despite the fact that we spent around 5 hours in the train and 2 on the airport.

Soon enough we were landing in Prague. Excitement started raising among us and we had our first challenge of the day: find the right bus to the city centre. We rushed with our bags and hopped on one after another bus. During the ride, we had a glance at Prague and that made us even more excited about being there. In an hour, we were at our hostel where we were welcomed by a very chill and relaxed atmosphere, a nice terrace in front of the hostel and an adventurous hill just above it.

We took some time to get organized and soon we went out to hunt for a good place to have dinner. After looking for a while we had encountered a restaurant which seemed to have fit our liking. There was only one question left to ask: “What are the options for vegetarians?”. The waiter answered, “Spaghetti and beer” in a joking, but honest manner. Our search continued until we stumbled upon a rather cozy pub which seemed to have great burgers on the menu and more than just beer for the vegetarians. By this time, we were exhausted, thirsty and hungry, so we quickly ordered some beer and food and awaited eagerly. The night progressed slowly, but managed to satisfy us with great food, beer and a relaxing atmosphere. We were suddenly more energetic and decided to climb the hill right above our hostel. In an unexpected turn of events, we took on a side steep muddy way with our slippery shoes and climbed up to a beautiful panorama of the city. Our day couldn’t have ended better. Enjoying the skyline of the city, we laughed our energy away and went to bed ready for the following day full of new adventures.


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