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What I love most about UCG


My first year at UCG is almost over, and I have experienced a lot this year. I will give you an overview of what I liked the most about UCG in this year.


  • Atmosphere
    When you walk into the faculty of University College Groningen, you immediately notice the nice atmosphere in the building. People are studying, or sitting together,and they’re having a good time (to the extent possible while studying). What you also notice is the nice way in which staff and students interact with each other. Within UCG, a lot of professors are referred to by their first name, something that is very unusual at a regular University. But of course, we’re not a regular University (faculty). Not only do all students  here know everybody, but also the staff knows everybody. In this way, you have a very personal approach. I like it that whenever I feel like it, I can approach a staff member or another student, because it’s normal  here. One of the staff members even tried to help us finding an apartment in Groningen (talking about dedication). I feel welcome here, as I think most people do.
  • Freedom
    Something I personally really like is the freedom that we have within UCG,  especially when it comes to reaching your own goals. I personally know what I want and how I want to reach this, and because of the fact that I can do whatever I like here, I can create my own personal program that will get me where I want to go. I would love to have a job in politics with a background in law. By being able to choose all the courses that are necessary for that, I don’t have to follow any courses that are not useful for reaching my goals.
  • Caerus
    Of course, UCG is not only about studying, we do actually have fun! When you don’t have anything to do, there’s always something to do within Caerus. Caerus is our study association, where we have multiple committees that organize fun stuff for us to do. We have dinners, parties, debates, games, sports and all kinds of fun activities provided to us by Caerus. I personally enjoyed the Assassins game a lot, a game we played with the entire UCG community. Everybody had to kill each other by touching them with a sock (you got an assigned target and a guardian angel that could protect you). The start of this game was 2 weeks ago and yesterday the winner was announced, because she made the final kill. This was a lot of fun, even though I ‘died’ on the first day of the game. This Friday we will have a boat party on the canals of Groningen, the dream of every student in Groningen! I will definitely go to have a real ‘Grunniger’ party.
  • Unit D4
    Living in Frascati is also one of the fun parts when it comes to studying Liberal Arts & Sciences. Moreover, I got very lucky with the unit I live in. I live with 6 others, 5 girls and 1 guy (2 guys if you count the guy that we sort of we adopted from D5). We all get along really well, and every Tuesday we have ‘’unight’’, where we eat together and laugh together. During other days we spend a lot of time in the kitchen where we eat together just talk, or sometimes even study. My unit is even going to Vietnam at the end of the academic year. We also celebrated ‘Secret Sinterklaas’, Thanksgiving and a lot of other typical national or international feasts. The fun part is that we all have different cultural backgrounds, our nationalities are: Dutch, Vietnamese, Croatian, French, Austrian, German & Czech. I believe that we learned a lot from each other and we shared a lot of great experiences. These people definitely made my year, and Anna-Lotte.


These are definitely the things I love the most about UCG.

Best wishes,

Rozemarijn (First year student at UCG)


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