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The Committees in UCG’s Study Association Caerus

In the community of University College Groningen, a very important factor is UCG’s own study association called ‘Caerus’. Caerus has a lot of members, organises by-weekly events, and gives room for various committees. Students can be as active within Caerus as they want: they can go to events, they can be a committee member, they can obtain a formal position within the committees, they can choose to run for a position in the board, etc. It’s completely up to you how much time and effort you want to spend for Caerus, but one thing is certain: Caerus is one of Groningen’s cosiest and accessible study associations.

The committees are a big part of Caerus, because they are the creators and executors of the events. There are numerous committees within Caerus: a trip committee called ‘Aeolus’ (the Greek God of the wind), a social committee called ‘SOC’, a sports committee called ‘UCGO’ (get the pun? UCG, ucGO? 😊), and a cooking committee with the name of ‘The Sleeping Lasagnes’. Other committees, such as the debate committee, the social outreach committee, and the music committee, have also been created and had temporarily organised events. Aeolus, SOC, UCGO, and the Sleeping Lasagnes organise the most events. This ranges from dinner at UCG to a trip to Prague to trampoline jumping. The events are always fun and cosy, and a lot of the times free or accessible with a low fee. The last big event organised by Caerus was the trip to Prague. A little under twenty students joined Aeolus in their trip to Prague and went sight-seeing, beer-brewing, and of course, clubbing. Another example of a typical UCG Caerus event is an event organised by the SOC: pub quiz combined with dinner and drinks. This is typically UCG, because it combines having a nice meal together with a fun, social thing. In other words: spending time with your fellow students in combination with fun, fun, fun.

Schermafbeelding 2017-05-26 om 15.18.15

Personally, I like being active in Caerus. As a first-year student, Caerus is a very nice way to get to know your fellow students better. You especially get the opportunity to get to know the students from the other years, so for me, the second and third year. In a different setting than a classroom, you really get the chance to get familiar with each other and bond. Therefore, I decided to join two committees at the beginning of my first year: Aeolus (trip committee) and UCGO (sports committee). Actually, I helped creating those two committees, because they didn’t exist yet when I became a Caerus member. First years always get the opportunity to become a member of committees or to initiate the making of different committees. This was the case when I came to UCG; I got the chance to make Aeolus and UCGO together with my other committee members.

Schermafbeelding 2017-05-26 om 15.18.28

With the sports committee, UCGO, we have organised several events. In the beginning of the year, we hosted a tournament where we played football and volleyball. A couple of months ago, we went trampoline jumping together. We are currently organising an event in cooperation with SOC, which will be at the end of this academic year. Students will be able to close off the year together by water-skiing with UCGO and afterwards have a BBQ in the Noorderplantsoen – Groningen’s city park – with the SOC. This will be an enormously fun day full of sports and nice food. Caerus’ events are always very accessible, social, and fun. Everyone is welcome to join, so if you’re a prospective student and would like to join an event sometimes, please ask a student or email UCG!

By Josien Scholing, first year student at UCG


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