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Writing a bachelor thesis

By Cyntha, third year UCG student

When you start your bachelors, you know that at one point you are going to have to write a thesis. Your thesis is something you fear, until the finally the day comes that you have to start. The special thing about the UCG thesis program, is that you get to pick your own topic and thesis supervisor. This is indeed more responsibility, however, if handled properly, you can come up with a great thesis topic.

I knew at the end of my second year that I wanted to write my thesis about virtual reality, or something related to virtual reality. Through my UCG tutor I ended up at a company names VRroom, who had some projects that I could work on for my thesis. In the end I ended up with a project that wants to trest anxiety by means of virtual reality. VR is very suitable to treat anxiety since you can control exactly the amount of stimuli in the virtual environment. However, nowadays this treatments always includes a doctor being present. VRroom wants to develop an algorithm that bases the amount of stimuli in the environment based on stresslevels. My thesis researches if it is possible to measure/detect stress based on movement. This is really cool, because I get to completely set up my own research. Together with someone from VRroom, we made a virtual reality video game that over time becomes more and more stressed. By measuring the heartrates and bloodpressure of participants, I can determine if they experienced stress, and I will analyze if you can see this in the movement data.

It has been really challenging, but I learn a lot as I go. It’s going to be another few weeks of hard work, but I am sure it will pay off in the end. In a few weeks I have to give a thesis presentation to my first and second supervisor, and after that I have to hand in the final version.


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