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Life after UCG: choosing your Master

Carolien, a third year student at UCG, about choosing her master

Three years ago when I started studying at UCG, I was lost in the sense that I did not know what to study and what I wanted to become later in life.

As the class of 2017, we followed a course called Global Challenges of Modern society in the beginning of the year. It was relieving: talking about societal problems without narrowing down to only economics or only psychology. Because of that and the relevance of these problems, I started to figure out that societal problems was something I was really interested in. After a year of exploring multiple disciplines I decided to do a major in Health & Life Sciences. During a workshop in my second year, I was asked to write down how I see myself in five years. I panicked. Even though I was interested in the biomedical courses I was following, I could not see the bigger picture yet. Luckily, along the way I found out that I was particularly interested in health in combination with the environment. The rising prevalence of noncommunicable diseases was something which was getting my attention: a societal problem with a large health component, but a problem which cannot be solved by only approaching it from a biomedical perspective.

Therefore, for my third year I decided to focus on courses which were one way or another related to public health. My Bachelor’s thesis and interdisciplinary project was in the same direction. During following this courses, writing my Bachelor’s thesis and doing the project, I found out that this was what I wanted to do: focusing on lifestyle and all factors which are related to that. I started looking for masters which were related to that and although multiple masters are offered in that direction, I choose to go to Wageningen for the Master’s programme Nutrition & Health. Within the Master four direction can be chosen and one of them is Public Health. So, after graduating from UCG and enjoying the summer, I will move to Wageningen to study. Although I am sad that I will have to leave Groningen, I am also excited to start a new adventure!


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