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Prague trip – Part 2

In the morning of day two of our Prague trip, one by one we went to the outdoor terrace with our breakfast. The light breeze in the air and the sun helped in waking up. That day we had a bike tour around the city – we had to find a way to be Dutch even in Prague. Soon we got on the bus and directed ourselves towards the bike-rental shop from where we started our tour. In the whole mess of leading a group of 17 cyclists in a packed tourist city, we somehow managed our way, while breaking too many traffic rules.

Our most important stop of the day was the Prague Castle, however, we first had to overcome a bigger challenge – biking up a hill for a longer period of time. We put ourselves together and started slowly riding up the hill eagerly awaiting to reach the castle. After tons of sweat, we finally arrived and entered the castle. Strolling around, we were taken aback by how beautiful the whole area was. Soon we arrived at a point where the skyline of Prague could be seen. We stopped for a moment, bought a weird Polish sweet and enjoyed ourselves. Some time later we were speeding down the hill, riding towards the John Lennon wall. It was a colourful wall, with inscriptions, quotes, motivational phrases and most of all tourists taking a photo. Here we also crossed off on of our bucketlist items: sign all of our names on the wall. After some photos, we were back in the city centre to grab some lunch.

Few hours later we were back at the hostel to rest a little before our BBQ dinner. Just like the morning, we gathered at the terrace and enjoyed a delicious meal. As we sat, we met some other visitors who were staying at the hostel and exchanged stories with them. Another big day was ahead of us, so as the time passed by one by one we retracted to the rooms. We were excited for what was about to come next.

By Isidora – First year student at UCG

All photos of the Prague trip could be found here


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