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Prague Trip – Day 3 and 4

Day 3 in Prague was probably the most exhausting day of all as we dedicated our morning and afternoon to a visit to Theresienstadt concentration camp. After changing three buses we were finally at our destination. Having some time before our tour, we grabbed some pizza and rushed back to the camp. Our tour went through different points of the camp, but throughout the whole tour there was a heavy feeling following us. It was hard to learn how those who were forced to be there during WW2 coped with their issues. It was hard to see what the conditions they lived in were like and how the corrupted institutions managed to cover up the bad standards. Most striking of all was when we learned of the victims and what was done to them. Despite the fact that this was not and extermination camp, as our guide explained, there were 300 victims who were chosen to be killed and whose lives were taken right before the end of the war.

After our 2 hour tour which also included a walk through a kilometre long underground tunnel, we left with a heavy feeling and deep thoughts. We sat in the sun by the bus station awaiting the next bus which will take us back. After some issues with the transportation, we were back again and we had the afternoon left to get some dinner before we go out. That night we decided to try out Prague’s infamous 5-story night club. For the first time that night, we went to an ice bar where quite literally everything was ice including the cups we were drinking from. The other parts had dancefloors with different musical genres and time periods. Constantly switching from one floor to another, we could not stop dancing. The night turned into early morning, and being aware that check-out was only hours away we headed to the hostel. What a trip, we said. We were happy to have spent such amazing 3 days in Prague.

The next morning we packed up, grabbed breakfast and soon enough left to the city. We had some free time to split up and go where we wanted to before our last dinner together. Some went to chill in the sun, some went to explore the city more, but everyone came relaxed to the dinner. We reflected on what we had done, whether we had finished enough tasks on our bucketlist and we recollected memories from the night before. In only a few ours we would be on a flight to Groningen, and only a night later back to the student life. But we were happy of how smoothly our trip went, and especially due to the great organization that Caerus’ own trip committee Aeolus had made. We were eager to be back and tell the story of Prague to our friends.

By Isidora – First year student at UCG

All photos of the Prague trip could be found here


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