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Exchange! Poland

By Bogdan – Second year student at UCG

One of the merits of UCG is the possibility of going on a study exchange in the 1st semester of the 3rd year. Finally, the time is here and I have made my decision. After finishing my second year, I hope to have an eventful semester abroad in Krakow, Poland. It is something that is quite needed to gain more experience for the future, since it will be the 3rd country besides the Netherlands and Ukraine that I would live in.

Poland as a country itself is of high interest to me, being quite culturally close to what I am used to. This also fuels my interest of the Polish language and I think of taking the challenge of learning its basics. With a rich history, the country is one of the best to study for both because of the strong educational institutions and friendly people.

The university which I was selected for is the Krakow university of Economics. Evidently, their economics programs have been praised and are quite well known. Even though I decided to go more into the Political and Philosophical parts of my major (PPE), the courses in Krakow seemed quite appealing. The courses that I am definitely keen on taking are: American Foreign Policy, the Economics of International Migration and Introduction to Cultural Economics. On top of that, I would also like to follow the Polish language courses. That way, I could try to experience Poland in its full colors.


Applying was not that much of a problem, just one form and a couple of documents was all there was to do. Taking care of the application itself is not a problem of bureaucracy, and it is easier than most people think. However, when it comes to organizing your arrival and accommodation, things may get complicated, especially if there is a high demand for accommodation in the host country.

Fortunately, the university in Krakow took more time to contact housing agencies and provide options for me. Furthermore, the accommodation is relatively cheap and easy to find, unlike in Groningen.

Going on exchange is a brilliant way to make more friends and to rapidly accumulate knew knowledge and experience. Those who still have a long way to year 3, should definitely consider going to a culturally distant country, hopefully an experience that will be life changing. I look forward to half a year in a completely different setup!


In several months, it will be clear if my optimism will be confirmed, and I will write about it, again.


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