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The Submariners

The Submariners is one of the many projects that UCG students can chose from in the beginning of heir second year. It is a project that is pursued by the students and their mentor throughout the entire academic year. This, in my opinion very special, project has a journalistic background. It is aiming to develop and improve the journalistic writing skills of the students by giving us workshops and by letting us establish our entirely own journalistic magazine.

This magazine, which is the final product of this project, is a compilation of all the pieces that we, the students, have written. The topics of those pieces vary from issues like gender, to Internet usage to the political concept of populism. Now, towards the end of the second academic year, our project group is preparing for the 19th of June, the day on which we will present our results. We had multiple meetings together with our project mentor and an external graphic designer to finalize a concrete plan about the project day. The main purpose of this day is to give people an understanding of how to write a journalistic piece. We will do this by letting them run through four different stations. Each station represents a single step of the writing process, which needs to be taken in order to have a good final result. At the end of those four stations, every visitor will have his own little individual journalistic piece, which then will be printed on newspaper, together with some selected pieces of the submariners. This way, people are led through the process of creating journalistic work, while being acquainted with the work that we have done throughout the year. In hindsight, I am more than happy that I partook in this project, as it gave us the chance to dive into the world of writing from an entirely different perspective. Also the fact that we, the students, were in charge of the entire set up and structure of the project made it so special. Now, the 19th of June is the day where we can proudly present our results, while passing on our enthusiasm about the project. Hopefully, ‘the Submariners’ then continue in the next year, led by other UCG students.


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