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My major decision

My first year has almost come to an end. Besides finishing my project, on which I have been working for three blocks, I had to make one major decision (yes, major decision). To be honest, I didn’t quite know what I wanted to do when I started this year. I started to enroll in multiple courses that were leaning towards sociology. I really liked those courses, and I was quite good at it, however, when I wanted to make my decision for a major, I thought about what the different majors could do for me, and especially, what they could do for my future career.

When I ask myself the question ‘where do I see myself in 10 years?’ I see myself as someone who works for an international organization, someone who can make a difference, even though I don’t know yet how I will make that difference. I was always leaning towards PPE (Philosophy, Politics & Economics), but I didn’t like the economics part at all. Because of this I started looking at the other majors. The other major that caught my attention was the major ‘Brain, Behavior & Culture’. I have always been quite interested in human behavior, and this would be perfect to study. However, I didn’t see myself doing a job in this field. It’s just an interest, nothing I want to do later on in life.

When I found out there would be new majors available next year, I was quite excited. I saw that they had the new major ‘Philosophy, Politics & International Law’. This would be perfect to me, because now I didn’t have to do economics. This seemed perfect to me, and I was quite determined that I wanted to do this major.

However, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have some last minute doubts about whether I was making the right choice or not. I thought about the BBC major again, because I believe that those courses are easier and less ‘dry information’ as in the PPIL major. However, I will not choose the easy road in life (as my fellow classmate told me once). I will stick with the PPIL major, since I still see myself being busy with that in several years, decades etc.

When I finished my major decision I had to make another decision: what will my electives be for the first block of next year? Since we already have to choose those too. From all the interesting electives I chose ‘Models of Democracy’ and ‘European & International Law’. I believe these courses fit my program the best. What my mandatory courses will be, is still a surprise, but I believe that should be fine, since the PPIL program as a whole seems interesting to me.

Before I will start with my next year, I still need to survive my last weeks; and those will be crazy busy. However, after that I have a well-deserved holiday where I can relax and then we can begin with a new year at UCG. Liberal Arts and Sciences has brought me a lot of new knowledge and I don’t regret choosing this. I’m excited to start my major and to see which electives I will choose next, and especially, where I will end up with this new major. I’m determined that I made the right choice!

Best wishes,

Rosemarijn (First year student at UCG)


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