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Writing my Bachelor thesis

By Marieke van Beek – UCG alumnus

If you would ask one of the third years how their bachelor thesis is going, they would all respond with “I do not want to talk about it” or “STRESS” or “ I cannot wait for it to be over”. This year, for the first time, the third years are writing their bachelor thesis at University College Groningen. I will take you guys along the crazy ride of my bachelor thesis. It sound hard to believe, but the end is really coming close.

In February, when we all got back from exchange, the thesis rollercoaster started. Everyone was kind of nervous and felt insecure about what was expected from them and did not know what was coming in the upcoming months. Around this time, I had my first meeting with my supervisor and presented my idea for the thesis to him. Since then I have been working hard on my thesis: writing an introduction, structuring the methodology, doing the data analysis, writing a discussion and finally drawing a conclusion.

I am writing my bachelor thesis about the debate of globalization and income inequality. I am critically analyzing World Bank economist Branko Milanovic’s contribution to this discussion of globalization and income inequality. He argues that the gains and benefits of globalization are not distributed equally over the last twenty years. The emerging economies and top percent of the income distribution have significantly benefitted from globalization while the middle income class of rich countries did not. In my thesis, I critically analyze this argument and investigate whether the data Milanovic uses in his work, supports the claims he makes about globalization. As it turns out and as I argue in my thesis, his data does not always support his claims and this brings about critical remarks to his analysis about globalization and income inequality.

This Wednesday, I have my oral defense and I am presenting my bachelor thesis in front of my supervisor and co-assessor. After this assessment moment, I still have two more weeks to finish up the thesis and to take into account all the feedback. I am very excited for it to be over, but it has been a wonderful learning experience so far!


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